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Little has to be said about the worlds most famous stout. Ever since the first pint was brewed in 1759 by Arthur Guinness himself, little has fundamentally changed to the process, and it continues to remain true to the original blend. With over 10 million glasses sold around the world every day, its no surprise as to why its often referred to as " the good stuff ".

In Ireland, a pub can often become known for 'doing a good pint of Guinness'. Even though each batch is brewed using the same great ingredients and techniques from the brewery, a lot can happen from 'the keg to the tap', which is the responsibility of the pub owner. The temperature its stored at, the condition of the pipes, and very importantly, 'the pour', all contributes to what makes a 'good Guinness'.

The Pour: there is somewhat of an art to pulling a great pint of Guinness, commonly known as the 'Six part pour'. A “perfect pour” should take 119.5 seconds. This is the result of pour at an angle of 45 degrees followed by a rest. This rest period is deemed as crucial.

Watch how the perfect pint is poured by the Guinness Master Brewer | Click image below


6 part pour


So why not come experience Innsbruck's best pint of Guinness for yourself at the Galway Bay Pub.


Craft beer

Kinnegar farmhouse craft beers from Donegal, Ireland

"Malt is the body and soul of beers. It provides the raw material for the yeast to act upon and give the beer its flavours to compliment the hops."





From the hearth land of Connemara, Independent Craft beer is brewed and bottled in their microbrewery which is nestled in the foothills of Carraroe, Co. Galway. Great care is taken throughout every step of the brewing process, with each beer crafted using only natural ingredients with no added chemicals, ever!

Whats inside

Barley: Using only quality malted barley sourced from a select range of farmers throughout Ireland, it is this ingredient that makes up the main body of their beer and gives it that full and flavoursome taste. Take the 'Loughran Family' for example. They have been growing malting barley for generations on their farm and understand exactly whats involved in creating a grain of character.

Hops: Sourced from a whole host of hop producers from every corner of the world. These are specially chosen for their deep flavour and aroma. Some come from the neighbouring Island of England, others from Germany, and others from as far afield as America and New Zealand. It is this mixed blend that ensures a variety of flavours.







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